Olympic sports reporter discusses updates on 2024 Paris games

KSL anchor and reporter, Andrew Wittenberg. He spent 25 days in South Korea covering last year's Winter Olympics. (Wittenberg)

KSL TV anchor Andrew Wittenberg joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss new developments in the next Olympic Games. Next on the lineup is the Summer games of 2020 in Tokyo. Wittenberg says we are in a run of Asian games, since 2022 is set for China. While preparations are in place for the next few years, The International Olympic Committee are exploring some new options for the summer Paris games of 2024.  Wittenberg says “some of those programs are on a temporary basis or they are not on a permanent scheduling. They are trying out some these more intriguing sports to attract more of a youthful audience.” The IOC have discussed sport climbing, surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Wittenberg reported on the last Olympic Games in South Korea. From his experience, he feels”it’s always good to stay modern, current and test the waters,” Wittenberg said.


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