Smartphone plan ‘protects the wallet and the teenager’

Verizon introduces Just Kids.

Parents or guardians have a new option to consider when picking the right smartphone plan for their kid.

On Thursday, Verizon launched Just Kids. It includes 5GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text to 20 pre-approved contacts, Safety Mode to avoid data overages, and 480p video streaming.

It includes access to Verizon’s popular Smart Family feature. It normally costs an additional $9.99/mo, but comes free with Just Kids. Smart Family has content filters, location tracking, usage limits and other cool tools to weed out dangerous online content.

Andy Choi covers public relations with Verizon for the entire Great Lakes region, “This is really a response to parents who are concerned about whether or not that first [smart] phone is going to open Pandora’s box.”

Listen to our full interview below:

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