Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Steve Cochran Full Show 04.02.19: Chicago’s Historic Voting Day!

Steve Cochran with Anna Davlantes, Kip and Mark Doyle

Mark and Kip Doyle return to the studio to discuss the recent news surrounding Joe Biden, the current political climate and their latest ventures into the beer/cellphone industry.

Our Kid of the week shares her resilience and positive outlook on life despite having Celiac disease.  11 year old Kristen recently had a book published on Amazon called “Dear Celiac“. Kristen has celiac disease and wanted to write a book to help other kids who may be struggling with the disease.  In her book, she discusses pains and sickness before the diagnosis, the process of being diagnosed, and the positive-healthy feelings on a celiac diet.

A real-life version of the movie “Footloose” took place in New Hampshire and Our MVPP’s of the day took it upon themselves to make a change! Kristen Umlah and her son Cam Noyes worked to repeal a ban on roller skates in their town of Rye in New Hampshire. 

Then, Travel Expert Peter Greenberg joins Steve to discuss the issues going on with Boeing and other major airlines. 

And finally, we welcome on Anna Davlantes to continue the conversation about appropriate behavior regarding Joe Biden. 

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