Basketball Legend John Salley Sits Down with Elysabeth Alfano

Elysabeth Alfano with John Salley

On this episode of Awesome Vegans, host Elysabeth Alfano dishes it up in her kitchen with basketball legend, John Salley.  You know the expression everything under the sun?  That’s exactly what Elysabeth talks about with this wellness master, media personality, chef, philosopher and star on the court.  Get comfy and settle in because John and Elysabeth wax prophetic about food and protein, John’s life vision, his many, many businesses and projects, and his time with Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson on the Chicago Bulls and then again with Phil Jackson for the LA Lakers.  Plus, John gives his take on religion and his tips for young athletes and… the rest of us.  This four-time NBA champion holds nothing back and it’s all the straight dope. Oh, and they talk about that, too!

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