AMERICA: Thomas Jefferson’s Ticked! sponsored by Joint Relief Institute – May 18

“AMERICA: Thomas Jefferson’s Ticked!”, sponsored by Joint Relief Institute, is the title of the new show featuring John Williams in conversation with historian and scholar Clay Jenkinson as Thomas Jefferson.

The show is on Saturday, May 18 at 10am at Classic Cinemas Tivoli Theatre (5021 Highland Avenue, Downers Grove).  Tickets are $33 – BUY TICKETS HERE!

It’s not all bad, of course.  But our 3rd president has some concerns about the USA today.  And you may have some questions and comments for him.

So join John Williams and Thomas Jefferson as they take to the stage in this unrehearsed, ever-so timely conversation!

During the show, John Williams and Jefferson will banter back and forth, and then it’s the audience’s turn to ask the questions. Every show is different and you’ll walk away with something to talk about!

Tickets are $33 and seating is not reserved. Buy tickets here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How can I buy tickets?You can buy tickets online here. You may also purchase tickets in person at the theatre (box office hours vary with movie schedule). Phone orders are not accepted at the box office. To purchase show tickets by phone, please email with your name, phone number and number of tickets and a representative from WGN Radio’s marketing team will respond to you within 48 business hours.
  2. When is the show? – Saturday, May 18 at 10am
  3. How much are tickets? – $33
  4. Where is the show? It’s at the Tivoli Theatre, 5021 Highland Avenue in Downers Grove. The theatre is also conveniently located within steps of the Downers Grove Main Street station on METRA’s BNSF line.
  5. Where can I park? – There is a parking lot next to the Tivoli Theatre with limited availability. There are also public lots and garages nearby the theatre.
  6. I bought a ticket and there is no seat assigned to my ticket. What do I do? – The Tivoli Theatre has open seating. When you arrive at the theatre on the day of the show, you can choose your seat. Doors will open at least 30 minutes before showtime.
  7. Is there handicapped accessible seating available? – Yes, the theatre is wheelchair accessible and there is accessible seating at the front and back of the auditorium.
  8. What is the recommended age? – The show is family-friendly. We would suggest ages 6 and up, but parents are encouraged to use their discretion.
  9. What time do the doors open? – At least 30 minutes before showtime.
  10. How long is the show? – The show is approximately one hour and 15 minutes.
  11. Are concessions available? – Yes, and various items will be available for purchase.
  12. Is photography allowed during the show? – No, filming and photography are prohibited during the show.

That’s What He Said! 

Yes; Thomas Jefferson said that! Have you heard these quotes and did you know that Jefferson said them? Hear more of what he has to say at the show!

  1. “Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.
  2. “I cannot live without books.”
  3. “I’m a great believe in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
  4. “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

FACTS! Did you know…? 

Read about these interesting things you may have not known about Jefferson. Come to the show to learn more about our country’s 3rd president!

  1. Jefferson was a foodie. Some of America’s most beloved foods like ice cream, mac and cheese and French fries were popularized after his interests permeated to the rest of the country.
  2. Jefferson loved vanilla ice cream and helped popularize it in the US. He probably first tasted it while living in France, then brought home a recipe for it that is now in the Library of Congress. Make it yourself with 6 egg yolks, 1/2 lb of sugar, 2 bottles of cream and 1 vanilla bean. It’s the first documented recipe for ice cream written down by an American.
  3. Jefferson shocked people by eating a tomato (and he grew his own tomatoes, too!) during a time when tomatoes were uncommon – and thought to be poisonous.
  4. Jefferson was always in debt.
  5. Jefferson served mac and cheese to dinner guests during his presidency and helped popularize the dish. A recipe for making macaroni survives that Jefferson wrote himself.
  6. Jefferson is the Father of the American French fry, or “potatoes fried in the French manner” as he called them. It’s the earliest American reference to the now common food.
  7. Jefferson chose three accomplishments to be recorded on his tombstone – and being president didn’t make the list.
  8. Jefferson kept pet mockingbirds and was partial to one named “Dick.”
  9. Jefferson loved to write letters. In his lifetime, it’s estimated he wrote 19,000 letters – and even made copies using a polygraph machine.
  10. Jefferson died on Independence Day (July 4, 1826).

“AMERICA: Thomas Jefferson’s Ticked!” is  sponsored by Joint Relief Institute in Orland Park and Oak Brook. Call 708-888-0000 as in Zer0 Pain or visit

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