Andrea Darlas & The Reporters | Journalistic Panel of: Cortney Hall, Greg Pratt, and Heather Cherone 3.19.19

Andrea Darlas, Cortney Hall(CLTV/WGN-TV), Greg Pratt(Chicago Tribune) and Heather Cherone(Daily Line)

Tonight on Andrea Darlas and The Reporters:

CLTV Anchor and WGN TV Anchor/Reporter Cortney Hall,  Chicago Tribune’s Greg Pratt, and Daily Line’s Managing Editor Heather Cherone join the conversation with Andrea as they discuss the mayor’s race starting with Lori Lightfoot’s light-hearted campaign ad including her daughter.

Plus, Andrea gets personal with the journalistic panel as they tell us more about their journeys to becoming reporters in the Chicago market and all of their most memorable moments.

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