Single, Married, Divorced-The Art of Conversation

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It does happen from time to time.  Statistics say those awkward pauses in conversation happen something like every 7 seconds.  This week Single, Married, Divorced tries to fill those  gaps with some decent ideas to keep the conversation going.  Plus the SMD crew fondly remember how comedian Paul Farahvar’s Russian date filled the silence.  Allison gets a friend request from an old flame who has added a few interesting details to his resume since they dated.  Tom leads a discussion on how long people should be haunted by mistakes they made in high school.  Which leads to a larger discussion on words we shouldn’t say anymore.

Question 1: How do you fill the awkward silence?

Dating Story: Allison hears from an old boyfriend who recently has been released from prison.

Question 2: What advice do you wish you would have gotten before getting married?


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