It’s been 5 years since the MH370 crash. Could it happen again?

David Soucie (Soucie)

Aviation analyst expert, David Soucie joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss the five year anniversary of the MH370 crash. His book, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Why It Disappeared? and Why It?s Only a Matter of Time Before This Happens Again can be purchased here.  Soucie discusses new technology and why he thinks that an event like this can happen again. “There’s no regulatory body in the international aviation committee that is going to say you have to do this.” Soucie says implementing new technology can be optional. Since MH370, some airlines changed the way they operate but usually comes down to a cost issue.  “The power of the news media communicating this out is more powerful than the regulators.” Soucie feels that implementing a system that allows travelers to see the type of equipment an airline has could encourage emphasis where potential research needs to be. Essentially, passengers need to be part of the safety system. For more information on his work, visit his website.





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