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Historic test flight for Space X Crew Dragon's Chris Gebhardt

Good friend of the Matt Bubala Show, Chris Gebhardt from joins us to talk about the Dragon, the new ship that could get astronauts back to the International Space Station. SpaceX returned its Crew Dragon capsule on Friday, completing the Demo-1 mission for NASA. “It’s not just for our own astronauts from NASA, but it’s also going to carry up crew members from Canada, Europe, Japan and even Russia. It’s a huge step forward for NASA for the International Space Program. It’s also the first commercially built human rated space craft,”  Gebhardt says.  He adds that”this the first time that an American spacecraft has docked since the retirement of shuttle in 2011.” The success of the test flight helps paves the way for a crewed mission of the SpaceX vehicle, perhaps as early as this summer.

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