Wintrust Business Lunch 3/8/19: Tech Kids Fulfilling Their Destinies, Hiring Externally vs Internally, & DocuSign Expanding in Chicago

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The tech generation is fulfilling their destiny as Andrea Hanis and Steve Bertrand discussed how kids who grew up playing the hit video game Sims City are finding themselves in urban planning jobs. That was just one of the tech related stories that they touched on along with what could happen to the US tech giants that are looked at as monopolies. Adam Ochstein jumped on the program to chat about the pros/cons of hiring managers from outside a company compared to promoting from within, Maria LaMagna has her eyes a growing retirement trend called “barista FIRE”, and Erik Severinghaus is sharing the plan behind DocuSign investing into Chicago’s tech scene by continuing the trend of bringing tech jobs to the city.


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