The Patti Vasquez Show 3.7.19 | Wellness Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish American Heritage Center and author and historian Adam Selzer

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Dr. Kathy Tynus, Patti Vasquez and Adam Selzer

Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show:

Dr. Kathy Tynus from Northwestern Hospital joins Patti for Wellness Wednesday to talk about Alex Trebek’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, how often you should really be going to the doctor’s office and how medical professionals manage the emotional labor of caring for patients.’

Kathy O’Neil and Teri O’Connell from the Irish American Heritage Center preview the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Plus, chart your Irish heritage and find out how to get your face in a pint of Guinness.

Plus, author and historian Adam Selzer talks about Effing Chicago,  his new, slightly risque gangster tour of Chicago’s crime history.


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