Ongoing coverage of the Chicago Teachers Strike

Jon Hansen in for John Williams 03.01.19: Finish the Headline, typewriters on famous landmarks, Fun Things To Do

PHOTO: Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen sits in for John Williams with a slew of topics, ranging from zany headlines, to new movies to catch this weekend. Jon plays a few rounds of Finish the Headline with listeners to kick off the show. Then, he invites you to talk about places in the world you wish you could find a typewriter on which to leave inspiring messages for its next visitors. That’s after one man did exactly that at the Grand Canyon. And, Jon wants to know the succession of events since President Trump’s Vietnam summit with Kim Jong Un. WGN Radio Reporter Ryan Burrow pops into the studio to explain what followed, in the case of Otto Warmbier. Finally, Jon, Elif and Jen share some Fun Things To Do This Weekend and Blockbuster Blake Stubbs chimes in with new must-see flicks of the weekend.

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