Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

The Patti Vasquez Show 02.21.19 | Factory Theatre Playwright Shannon O’Neal and Stacie Barra tell all, join Jenni Trilik in being #AuroraStrong, Willie Opper gives us an inside look on ‘Clown Car to Sicily’ latest production and Comedian Nate Weatherup joins the conversation

Patti Vasquez with Nate Weatherup and Willier Opper

Tonight on The Patti Vasquez Show:

Factory Theatre Playwright Shannon O’Neal and Co-Artistic Director Stacie Barra tell all about their upcoming show ‘May the Road Rise Up’ and its behind the scenes preparation.

Jenni Trilik is #AuroraStrong as she talks about her coffee fundraiser in honor of the recent mass shooting in at the Henry Pratt Facility in Aurora, Illinois that lost 5 five lives. Here’s how to support.

R.I.P to Peter Tork of The Monkees. Patti takes a trip down memory lane in honor of Peter Tork’s passing.

Clown Car to Sicily’s Willie Opper gives us the details on their upcoming production “Abraca-Dave’s Appalachian Magic Academy.”

Plus Comedian Nate Weathercup hangs out with us in the studio.

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