The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.21.19: Rescuing dogs from dog meat farms, “The Interview Show,” surviving in a past era, “Parkland” author Dave Cullen

John Williams wants to understand the operation transporting and rescuing dogs from dog meat farms in South Korea, to adoption shelters in the Midwest. He invites Humane Society International Vice President of Companion Animals and Engagement Kelly O’Meara to explain the campaign. Then, “The Interview Show” Host Mark Bazer previews his new episode, airing tonight on WTTW. Author Ryan North also stops in to share why he decided to write a book on surviving in a past era, titled How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler. Following that author is Dave Cullen, who wrote Columbine and Parklandwho will appear tonight at the Swedish American Museum in a talk with Chicago Tribune Columnist Heidi Stevens.

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