The Opening Bell 2/19/19: Trains, Bike Sharing, E-Scooter, and Taxis All In One App with Trafi

(AP Photo/Gero Breloer)

Making transportation simpler and more efficient is a dream for a lot of cities, and Trafi is doing just that in Berlin where Christof Schminke (Managing Director of Trafi in Germany) explained to Steve Grzanich how transportation integration in Germany will soon be reality. Steve and Christof discussed how Trafi is creating a single platform to pay for a number of transportation options and how it could be seamlessly replicated in other cities around the world. Michael McHale (Director of Communication at Rivian) then provided some explanation behind the electric vehicle buzz as Rivian announced their $700 million dollar investment and how the manufacturing of the car will call Normal, Illinois home.


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