Saturday Night Special 2/9/19 | Whisk(e)y

Amy Guth talks all things whiskey

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth takes a deep dive into one of the most beloved beverages on Earth: whiskey.

Whether you spell it with an “e” or without it, whiskey is a storied spirit steeped in so much tradition and history that we just had to talk about it.

Author and bourbon expert Fred Minnick joins us from Kentucky to take us through the history of America’s finest export and shares his tips on what to look for in a great whiskey.

Dr. Kevin Kaufmann returns to the show to guide us through the Prohibition period in Chicago. He sifts through the mythology of famous figures like Al Capone and Eliot Ness and brings us into the real world context under which Prohibition took place.

Finally, Few Spirits master distiller Paul Hletko brings in his finest bourbon an rye whiskeys and talks about opening a distillery in a town best known for the temperance movement.

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