One Dr. says people should avoid hugging, provides tips on improving relationships

Dr. Marica Sirota (Sirota)

Dr. Marica Sirota joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about why we should stop hugging people.  In honor of International Hugging Day and Valentine’s Day, Sirota shares some tips on this type of attention. In a recent article, Sirota says people should avoid hugging. “Not everybody feels the same way about hugs,” Sirota says. She explains that people still accept unwanted hugs for fear of being rude. Sirota breaks down the difference of hugs between males and females, different types of people pleasers and hugging in a workplace setting. Listeners also share their thoughts on other types of touching like giving high fives. Tune in for the full conversation for tips on how to have more positive relationships. For more information on Sirota’s work, visit her website.


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