Wintrust Business Lunch 02/08/19: Andrea Hanis, Gambling Tax Reporting, TruePublic, Lakeview Chamber of Commerce

Wintrust Business Lunch (L-R: Dillon Goodson, Steve Betrand)

Andrea Hanis, Senior Editor at Blue Sky Innovation, joins Steve in-studio to discuss the latest news, including Jeff Bezos, the Amazon headquarters, Instacart, and so much more. Then, Steve chats with Kelly Philips Erb, about reporting those Superbowl gambling earnings on your taxes. Kaben Clausen talks to Steve about the company he founded, TruePublic, an app where you can anonymously share your opinion on issues  and discover how you compare to your friends and the world. Finally, Steve connects with Dillon Goodson, Community Development Director at the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, on the exciting things going on in the Chicago neighborhood.

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