Jon Hansen in for John Williams 01.28.19: Snow, brutal cold, driving and the Challenger

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Jon Hansen

Jon Hansen has a few points of discussion to cover on this snowy day, and brutally cold week. WGN-TV Meteorologist Tom Skilling joins the show first to talk about what causes the Arctic blast we’re expecting on Wednesday, and how to travel safely. Then, Cradles to Crayons Executive Director Shoshana Buchholz-Miller shares what her organization is doing to ensure that every child has a coat this Winter. Illinois Department of Transportation Communications Director Guy Tridgell answers complaints of lacking plows on Illinois streets. And Automotive Expert Tom Appel describes what you can do to make sure your car works in the record low temperatures this week. Finally, NASA Chief Historian Dr. Bill Barry talks about what led up to the explosion of the Challenger on January 28th, 1986.

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