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Norway man makes 50 day trek on foot and discovers the secret to happiness: silence

Erling Kagge (Penguin Random House)

What is silence and where can it be found? Erling Kagge, a Norwegian explorer joins the Matt Bubala Show live from Norway to talk about why silence important and how we can create it. Kagge is the first person to have completed the Three Poles Challenge on foot—the North Pole, the South Pole and the summit of Mount Everest. Kagge says that his trek took him 50 days.  Kagge says he didn’t want to bring a radio and on his journey he learned what silence means. His transformative meditation on his trip inspired him to write Silence: In the Age of NoiseTune in to hear a discussion on how the perspective of silence changes between decades, whether or not there are different types of silence and how this is beneficial to individual happiness.

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