Laid back soul and swinging pop with The Imperial Sound

Dave Hoekstra welcomes back The Imperial Sound to the Allstate Skyline Studio.

Founders Kenn Goodman and Rick Mosher talk about their roots in new wave, punk and ‘trash rock’ and their journey with the New Duncan Imperials  to their current sound, a throwback to the AM pop hits of the early 70’s; they also discuss the 35th anniversary of their own record label Pravda Records, and some of the unique tribute projects that have come from that over the years.  Vocalists Chloe Orwell and Rachel Drew talk about their respective projects like Drew’s Bitter Roots and Orwell’s the Handcuffs; film producer Melissa Thornley shares some of her collaborations with the band including a documentary featuring mercurial R&B performer Andre Williams, and more.

Don’t miss The Imperial Sound at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights on 1/26 and Outta Space in Berwyn on 2/8.

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