Bill and Wendy 1.23.19 Full Show: Bill Gets Star Struck


Bill and Wendy start off this Wednesday with “Airplane!” actress and “Match Game” personality Joyce Bulifant on the phone to talk about her salacious and insightful memoir “My Four Hollywood Husbands”. Joyce looks back on her huge TV and movie career and gives and inside look into her four star-studded marriages.

Dr. John Duffy stops in to talk about the harrowing case of Jayme Closs and the mental and emotional recovery she is currently undergoing in order to return to normalcy. He also discusses the recent controversy surrounding high school students’ face-off with counter protesters in the capitol and how we fall into confirmation bias.

Plus, clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Darrel Turner looks back on the 30th anniversary of Ted Bundy’s execution by explicating the concept of the “psycho-killer” and explaining the science behind psychopathy.

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