Single, Married, Divorced: Weight, Weight Don’t Tell Them

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This week on SMD, the team tackles a heavy issue-weight and relationships.  Alright, no  more puns, we promise but we do discuss a couple questions that can be tough to bring up.  Such as, do you put on weight when you are in a good relationship or bad or both?  Tom asks several times, if what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander in this episode.  And for some  reason the TV show “Dharma and Greg” comes up.  Our hosts, also chat about that couple who had a couple of conversations and decided to get married.

Poll Question: Relationships and Weight.

Question 1: Is there anyway to tell someone you love about their weight?

Dating Story: Hi. Hi. Do you want to get married? Sure.

Question 2: How many screens at a time are OK?


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