The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.15.19: Fast food smorgasbord, Jason Van Dyke sentencing, furloughed workers, Michaeil Ward sentenced

King John Williams sports his CrownCam around the office.

John Williams wants to know what your dream fast food meal would be. That’s after President Trump treated the national champions Clemson to a smorgasbord of fast food at the White House, which he seemed to blame on the government shutdown. Then, Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair explains the likely 18-year sentence Jason Van Dyke will receive for having shot Laquan McDonald 16 times, killing him. Labor Lawyer Ruth Major breaks down the rights of furloughed government workers, and how they will be paid after the government opens back up. Finally, Hadiya Pendleton’s parents, Cleopatra Cowley and Nathaniel Pendleton, join the show to share what Michaeil Ward’s 84-year sentence means to them.

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