No Coast Cinema Ep. 60 | Hannah Kopen and Kyle Leland, “Hammersmith”

Dir. Kyle Leland and actor Hannah Kopen

Today on No Coast Cinema, Tom and Conor sit down with writer/director Kyle Leland and actor Hannah Kopen. Together, we discuss their backgrounds, their careers, and their award-winning short film Hammersmith: Hurdle of Dreams. Made for Chicago’s 48-Hour Film Festival and having led them overseas to the Cannes Film Festival, it is now being made into a 5 part webseries currently in production.

The film centers around Bayou Straits, an embarrassingly narcissistic director, and the disruption he causes on set.

Tom and Conor also get a sneak peek at Kyle Leland’s upcoming project with writer/director/actor Abby Pierce, short film Eat Your Heart Out. Finally, they ask what working in Chicago means to one another and compare and contrast the film scenes found in Chicago, NY and LA.

Watch Kyle and Hannah’s award-winning short here.

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