Startup Showcase: Cool Suppliers & ArtistWorks

Scott Kitun gives you 5 good minutes.

Today on the Startup Showcase host Scott Kitun kicked-off the show by chatting with producer, Ashley Bihun. Listen as Scott and Ashley discuss millennials and how maybe there might be possibility that being raised in a automatic world could be beneficial in becoming a more efficient worker. Comment down below what you think.

Scott then talks with founder of Cool Suppliers, Timmy Grins. Cool Suppliers make all natural Frozen Smoothie Pops. Their Pops are fully loaded with real, super high quality fruits. They are sorbet-like in consistency, which makes them the smoothest frozen pop on the block. Simple ingredients are used like: fruit, micron filtered water, natural cane sugar, and a plant to hold it all together. Next on the show Scott is joined with CEO of ArtistWorks, Patricia Butler. ArtistWorks allows you to join a thriving music community by offering you interactive music lessons, guided video exchange learning to achieve progress, and gives you access to a real community, where they can share their original songs, chat with new friends, and encourage each other to grow as musicians. To invest in Cool Suppliers click here and to invest in ArtistWorks click here.

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