The Patti Vasquez Show 1.10.19 | “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical”, Voices of the City, Rep. Robert Martwick

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Rep. Robert Martwick, Patti Vasquez and Scott Stantis

Tonight on The Patti Vasquez Show:

Jorrel Javier joins Patti on the line to talk about the Chicago production of the award-winning musical “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical”. An adaptation of the bestselling book, the musical tells the story of Poseidon’s son Percy and his quest to reclaim Zeus’ missing lighting bolt. By his side is Grover (Jorell), a satyr who serves as both protector and Percy’s best friend.

Jorrel also discusses his TED talk on growing up in a traditional household and defying gender roles. You can watch the full talk here.

Rep. Robert Martwick and Tribune cartoonist/Editorial board member Scott Stantis discuss the Dems taking “super duper” majority in state government and the looming issue of state debt.

Patti also sits down with John Nichols to talk about his fascinating audio project, “Voices of the City”. The project collects responses from real Chicagoans on their favorite places around the city. Plus, callers share their favorite spots to relax, unwind and enjoy the greatest town on Earth.

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