Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

This is History: The Origins of Coca-Cola, Henry Ford’s Model T, Prohibition Begins, Whamo Introduces the Frisbee, ‘All in the Family’, ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Hill Street Blues’ Debut

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PHOTO: SS523134799/Elvan/Retail First-Plier, close up of Coca Cola soft drinks bottles. Coca Cola drinks are produced and manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company, an American multinational beverage corporation.

Dave Plier and Dave Schwan talk about the invention of the flush toilet in 1861, Coca-Cola is introduced, the Chicago Cubs drop plans to add lights in Wrigley Field in 1942, Wham-O launches the frisbee, ‘All In The Family’ debuts with a warning on CBS, the first episode of ‘Happy Days’.
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