WGN Nightside with Erik Runge & Paul Lisnek | 12/28/18 Full show

WGN TV's Paul Lisnek & WGN Radio's Erik Runge

Tonight on WGN Nightside,

Paul Lisnek & Erik Runge start the show off with N.Y. Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Goldman. They discuss Mueller and the potential outcomes of the ongoing investigation. Chicago Tribune Theater Critic Chris Jones visits the studio to talk about his new book Rise Up! and the latest happenings in musical theater. Roslyn Kind joins the show to discuss her amazing musical career and share her latest single called Save the CountryLater on, singer and restauranteur Blake Alexander shares his latest music while fashion designer Mark Roscoe gives new years eve fashion tips. We end the show with a few amazing performance samples from Filet Of Solo.

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