Dr. says don’t be nice, be kind: What is the best personality payoff?

Dr. Marica Sirota (Sirota)

Dr. Marcia Sirota joins The Matt Bubala Show from Toronto to discuss her book Be Kind, Not Nice: How to stop people pleasing, build your confidence and discover your authentic self.  Sirota describes the difference between being nice and being kind. She explains that Nice people are constantly trying to get love and approval. Sirota says nice people “always have an unconscious motivation to please.”  Kind people are described as happy people that enjoy giving, but understand when to stop. “Kind people know how to set a limit so they don’t over-do it,”  she explains. In some scenarios, nice people have difficulty saying no and could possibly turn to addictions when they get frustrated. Sirota makes a purposeful distincition between these two often interchangeable words.Tune in to hear Dr. Sirota tell listeners how to love yourself in productive ways. Listeners also share their own personal anecdotes. For more information on her work, visit her website. Tune in to the full segment to how to receive coupons for her online course.

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