A Delta Airline passenger’s Facebook post went viral after sharing heartwarming father-daughter story

Hal Vaughan and Mike Levy (Facebook Photo)

Pierce Vaughan recently started working for Delta Airlines as a flight attendant and was scheduled to work several holiday shifts this year. Her father Hal, didn’t want his daughter to spend her first Christmas alone, so he purchased several plane tickets just to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her.

Mike Levy is an Ohio resident traveling with his family on that same flight. He joins the Matt Bubala Show to discuss why he decided to share this heartwarming story.  “Since it was Christmas Eve, I asked him where he was going and if he was going home for the holidays. He said no, I’m just along for the ride.” Levy thought Hal deserved a father of the year award and posted a message and two photos on Facebook, which currently has over 40 thousand shares.

Levy added, “Hal had an accident earlier in the year and broke his neck. He was quadriplegic for ten days and is actually still recovering. Hal wanted to make it a priority to make sure she didn’t spend it alone after the accident. I just thought it was really special and it’s not something that you hear every day.”



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