The Patti Vasquez Show 12.26.18 | I Am Who I Am

Holly Simon, Nate Simon, Patti Vasquez. and Dr. Katherine Tynus in Allstate Skyline Studios

Patti takes the time tonight to sit down with special guest Holly & Nate Simon.  Holly is a Chicagoan mom who is raising awareness and creating opportunities for teens and adults with special needs.  She wanted to find a way to show off all the children born with a disability, that’s when she started the “I Am Who I Am” foundation. The foundation is to change the way the world views special needs children by embracing their gifts beginning the moment they are born.

Her “hungry”  son Nate was born with down syndrome. Nate has become a leader and inspiration to kids with disabilities. Nate has become a very frequent guest for WGN Radio. He is an advocate for those with the same limitations. Nate has a promising future. Tonight you get to hear from a mother and son who together are making an impact for the people who deserve more opportunity, more happiness. Also, You’ll be able to hear an exceptional live performance from Nate and his favorite famous artist.

Be sure to check out Holly’s clothing line at – celebrating the Chicago South side pride with passion and hard working people

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Come joins us on this Wellness Wednesday to celebrate everybody for who they are!!

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