The Patti Vasquez Show 12.26.18 | An Eventful Wellness Wednesday

Paul Farahvar, Dr. Kathy Tynus, Patti Vasquez, and John O'Malley

Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show

Joining us in-studio is Holly and Nate Simon. Holly started the “I Am Who I Am” foundation so that every child born with special needs is given the same amount of opportunities, no matter the disability. Her son Nate was born with down syndrome. Nate is a strong headed leader for the “I am Who I am foundation” and enjoys Lady Gaga’s music.  Sitting alongside the Patti tonight is the president of Illinois State Medical Society Dr. Katherine Tynus. Kathy Primary Specialty internal medicine Northwestern Medical Group. She graduated with a medical degree @ University of Illinois – Chicago (1993). Her Residency is Loyola University Medical Center (1996). Kathy goes into PSA testing, and medical information listeners should follow.

For the rest of the show tonight- Our law enforcement expert and chief deputy U.S. Marshall John O’Malley. John talks about the recent tragic events of the 2018. He will give you life-saving tips in safety scheinros. For example, how to describe a location when talking to the first responder operator (Did you know 71% of emergency phone calls come from a cell phone). How to properly secure yourself in a life-threatening situation whether it’s an active shooter or fire.

Paul Farahvar joins the conversation in the final hour to play a game called “Is it legal?” We’re giving out plenty of prizes tonight, be sure to tune in to this humbling eventful wellness Wednesday.

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