Dining Out Loud: Penny Risks It All

Penny jumps over to the other side of the kitchen pass and puts herself on the line serving up her mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe to paying patrons at Eataly. No one has savaged her yet on Yelp, that we know of.

Penny Pollack

In case you didn’t get a chance you can make the sauce yourself. Download the recipe and the backstory at www.dolpodcast.com

Dining Out Loud is a dueling food critics podcast featuring Penny Pollack (legendary Chicago magazine food critic) and Michael Nagrant (former Sun-Times food critic, dining writer for Redeye, and contributing author on the James Beard Award-winning Alinea cookbook) and produced by WGN Radio’s Dane Neal.

The podcast lets listeners hear the thinking behind the critiques that can make or break a restaurant. Penny and Mike will also interview top food personalities and take you behind the scenes as they eat out in Chicago and around the world.
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