Live from Stonehenge: English Heritage Director talks the turning of the season

Stonehenge (English Heritage)

English Heritage Director Kate Davies joins The Matt Bubala Show life from England at Stonehenge this morning. Roughly five thousand people arrived to see the sun rise this morning at this historic monument. Davies says that over five thousand years ago, Stonehenge began. The word henge is derived from an abandoned ditch, so she says that the “ditch around the stone came first.” The stones slowly developed around it and Davies describes both types to listeners. There are blue stones, which glow blue and large softer stones. History doesn’t explain to us how the stones actually got there, but Davies is certain that “people gathered there. It is put on the solstice alignment so the access was intentionally designed. When the sun sets in the winter solstice, the light shines through the stones,” she says. Thus, it marks a special occasion each year and thousands love to gather to make the turning of the season. To hear the full interview, check out the podcast or visit English Heritage’s website.


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