Childcare and Camp Options During 2019 CPS Teachers’ Strike

Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Gia T.

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Kid Of The Week

Gia T. is an amazing 8-year-old that created Pop Top For Joy where she has collected 5 million pop tops in memory of Kelli for the Ronald McDonald House at Loyola.  To do this she recruited several local police officers. Gia fell in love with police work and has decided to be a K9 officer when she grows up.  So, when one of these officers fell on hard times and was dx with stage 4 kidney cancer, she had to help. She led her school district in a card drive and delivered 100’s of cards and has raised money in wrist band sales and a Culver’s family night for Chris and his medical fund. Gia continues to support Chris in his battle as she learned in Little League no one fights alone here. Gia says “With me Chris can do this”.  Way to go Gia!


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