WGN Nightside 12.13.18- | Paul Farahvar and Dr. John Duffy |

Dr. John Duffy and Paul Farvahar

On tonight’s special edition of WGN Nightside – Comedian Paul Farahvar and Dr. John Duffy are back to entertain the Chicago Nightlife. We’re opening up our phone lines for you, the listeners!

We are talking relationships! The good, the bad, and the ugly!  Just when you thought we couldn’t go deeper, Paul and John get into you’re substance abuse and you’re substance dependency stories. What’s your favorite Movie? Artist? Book? We want to hear it all! Also joining us for a special segment former play by play announcer for the Chicago Cubs “Harry Caray” (or is it?)

Find out if our callers can stump Harry on his baseball knowledge. We’re up late but we stay great! Join us for WGN Nightside with Paul Farahvar and Dr. John Duffy

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