Roe Conn Full Show (12/14/18): ‘Susie Sunshine’ updates you on the financial markets, congressman Adam Kinzinger lets you know if a partial government shutdown is coming, Lou Canellis gets you ready for Bears vs. Packers, a Top Five@5 you won’t believe, and more…


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Heather Charles / Chicago Tribune)

On the Friday edition of The Roe Conn Show with Anna Davlantes, ‘Susie Sunshine’ joins Roe & the gang to give you the latest on the financial markets. Congressman Adam Kinzinger drops by to let us know if a government shutdown is imminent. ‘Sweet’ Lou Canellis gets you ready for Bears vs. Packers this weekend. Frank Catalano is featured in this week’s ‘Live Music Friday’, a Top Five@5 you won’t believe, and more!

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