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Single, Married, Divorced-Let’s Go Millennial with 720’s Kevin Powell

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WGN Radio Sport’s Anchor and Host, Kevin Powell joins the team this week as the voice of a generation.  A generation that has been accused of ruining everything.  Now according to a Tinder poll Millennials are ruining divorce.  Allison’s maternal instincts kick with-in about 5 minutes of talking with our guest.  Kevin shares why his much maligned generation gets a bad rap and why they tend to wait longer than most before getting married.  And while we are at it, is there a divorce gene?

Question 1: Why are Millennials staying single longer and what’s it doing to the divorce rate?

Dating Story: Kevin tells us about an Uber ride with a date that nearly exploded on him.

Question 2: Does divorce run in the family?

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