WGN Nightside w/ Mark Carman | 12/3/2018 Full Show

Mark Carman - Joey Gelman WGN RADIO

On tonight’s edition of WGN Nightside, Mark Carman kicks off the show by arguing why Christmas is better than Hanukkah and every other Holiday for that matter. He then shares one of the “greatest moments” he’s experienced in the city involving the Chicago Police Department, while David Jennings in the newsroom believes that Carman just had luck on his side during the encounter.

Former Bears Player Earl Bennett joins the show to talk about various NFL players and their questionable actions off of the field. Earl and Carman then discuss of review of the Bears’ recent performance during games and what it will take for them to improve their stats.

Carman also questions how to get out of a dinner celebration, what makes a real American, and much more.


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