Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair: “…bricks put together to build a wall around Jason Van Dyke”

Witness Jose Torres testifies at the trial of Chicago police Officer Thomas Gaffney, former Detective David March and ex-Officer Joseph Walsh with Judge Domenica A. Stephenson at Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018 in Chicago. The trial of the three Chicago police officers charged with lying to protect Jason Van Dyke, a fellow officer from criminal prosecution after he fatally shot black teenager Laquan McDonald in 2016 began Tuesday. (Zbigniew Bzdak/ Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool)

Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair joins John Williams to describe the trial of two cops accused of following the “code of silence” in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. She mentions e-mails that have made an impact on today’s hearing.