The Mincing Rascals 11.29.18: Alderman Ed Burke’s office raid, officers in the Laquan McDonald case, Illinois Bicentennial

The Mincing Rascals are John Williams, Steve Bertrand and Patti Vasquez of WGN Radio, and Scott Stantis and Eric Zorn of Chicago Tribune. They kick off this episode with understanding for the undergoing raid of Alderman Ed Burke’s office. Then, they discuss the also in progress trial of two officers charged for their silence over the Laquan McDonald shooting. The Rascals move on to celebrating the Illinois Bicentennial. And, they address a recent tweet from one Donald Trump.

Steve recommends Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans.

Patti recommends Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

John recommends Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Scott recommends looking at the city as though it’s your last time.

Eric recommends reading “Lena Dunham Comes to Terms With Herself” by Allison P. Davis.


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