The One and Only Jane Velez-Mitchell

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Today’s podcast is recorded from my house with the fab Jane Velez Mitchell, founder of the #JaneUnChained News Network.  With a career in journalism spanning decades, in 2014 Jane focused her energies on covering animal rights issues on her news-feed style and her FB Channel, Jane Velez Michell.  As a longtime vegan and voice for animals, just as she was on her CNN show entitled, Issues with Jane Velez Mitchel which ran for 6 years, Jane is a leader in the animal rights movement.

On social media, particularly on FB Live, Jane addresses animal violence and the negative human, health and environmental impacts of factory farming.  Jane’s voice and coverage have been a spotlight on the horrors of slaughterhouses and her FB followers – reaching over a whopping 900k,  flock to her FB channel and website for accurate news.

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