Frank Fontana & Dr. John Duffy Full Show 11/21/18

Picture L-R: Kathy Hart, Dr. John Duffy, and Frank Fontana

Frank Fontana and Dr. John Duffy are in for Bill and Wendy!

The guys start off the show talking about the Me Too Movement and discussed whether or not men are loosing their masculinity in this day and age of more women empowerment. Next on the show Frank and John were joined live in-studio with Chicago comedian, Larry Reeb to also give his two-cents and to promote his upcoming shows over at Zanies comedy club this week as well as in December. In the Latter half of the show Dr. Duffy took the reins and talked about gratitude vs. the depression that comes along with the holidays. Last but not least, the guys are joined in-studio with Barbie Adler to discuss dating and finding love during this time of year and how to survive all the family questioning about your love life at the dinner table this holiday season.

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