Listen: Bill and Wendy Bonus Hour

Brian Noonan in for Nick D (11/21/18): Doug Cummings on public safety, Brian’s defrosting dilemma and more…

Cheers from Brian Noonan, WGN Radio Chicago (Photo credit: Brian Noonan / WGN Radio)

Brian Noonan is in for Nick Digilio: Andy Cole of the Dads’ Chapter of the Leukemia Research Foundation previews Rockin’ for a Cure; former WGN Radio reporter and current writer Doug Cummings talks about staying out of the “O-zone” and steps you can take to keep yourself safe and aware of your surroundings in the event of public violence; food safety becomes a show-long topic as we discuss the romaine lettuce recall and Brian’s attempts to properly defrost a turkey, and much more.

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