Single, Married, Divorced-Shall We Sleep On It?

It doesn’t take long for a conversation about sex and sleeping to get uncomfortable.  Yet our hosts persist and somehow start talking about waking up to giant dolls.  On the topic of sleeping, regardless of how old you are if you are not married do you sleep in the same bed when visiting your parents? Erik tells a story about an ex’s father who introduced himself with a cup of coffee, a smoke and nod.  Tom shares what would make him speak up if he didn’t like someone’s significant other and don’t get touchy feely with Allison in public.

Poll Question: Does sex help or hurt your sleep?

Question 1: How to meet the family?

Dating Story: Our hosts share stories from their past about meeting the families of people they’ve dated.

Question 2: How do you tell someone you love the person they’re dating is a horrible person?

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