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Nanny knows best: Addiction to video games in children

Florence Ann Romano, Windy City Nanny

Florence Ann Romano, best known as the Windy City Nanny, joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about a rising issue of video game addiction with youth, particularly discussing Fortnite. “I think its typical that today’s children are spending too much time on technology.” Romano believes that technology is good in moderation. However, video game addiction is ” affecting the communication level of children and the cognitive development” and thinks it should be up to the parents or caretaker to censor how much access children have to video games.  Censoring children is a touch subject, but Romano discusses how important it is to teach children to balance spending time on activities.  A conflicting issue is that adults are also addicted to social media. Tune in for the full conversation to her Romano’s closing thoughts on the issue.

For more information about her book, “Nanny and Me,” visit her website. This book discusses first hand experiences of children adjusting to having a nanny in the home.

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