Accident investigator, author talks Lion Air crash

Investigator and author Larry Vance (Vance)

Larry Vance has been Investigator-In- Charge of over 200 field investigations involving high-profile air plane crashes. He first joined The Matt Bubala Show to discuss the MH370 disappearance and thoughts on his books, MH370: Mystery Solved. Early last week, Lion Air, an Indonesian passenger plane carrying 189 people crashed off the coast of Jakarta. Vance joins the show once again to recap his thoughts of why MH370 was a murder-suicide. Vance discusses his theories of what happened with Lion Air. He says this is a “great shock” because it was a brand new airplane. He believes there was an issue with the cockpit on the previous flight. Vance believes that “something technically happened from either the software or hardware.” For more information on Vance’s book, click here.







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