The John Williams Show Full Podcast 11.01.18: Office etiquette, amending the constitution, Open Enrollment

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John Williams models one of Dan Sheridan's pocket constitutions! (Elif Geris/WGN Radio)

John Williams has some important points to make about proper office etiquette and…laundry room etiquette. Plus, do kids need to know the whole truth about Santa Claus? Then, Dan Sheridan of the National Center for Constitutional Studies joins to talk about the pocket constitution made especially for the youth, and that will be handed out at “An Encounter with Teddy Roosevelt and John Williams” next weekend. Get your tickets! Hamline University Professor of Political Science David Schultz joins the conversation, to explain if and how the constitution can be amended in light of President Trump’s latest remarks on birthright citizenship. Finally, with open enrollment currently underway, Kaiser Health News Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal breaks down the Affordable Care Act as it is today and how to approach open enrollment.

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