Alzheimer’s Special (Partnered with The Alzheimer’s Association – Illinois Chapter) | Hour Two

Patti and Andrea with Tom and Levi [The Alzheimer's Association Illinois Chapter]

Tonight we welcome on a very special group of experts to examine and answer tough questions about a life-changing disease, Alzheimer’s (Partnered with The Alzheimer’s Association – Illinois Chapter).  During hour two we dive into the experience of whats it’s like when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s with Tom Doyle (living with Alzheimers) and Tom’s partner Levi Doyle.  They chat with Patti and Andrea about their journey and how they continue to work together despite the struggles with the disease.  Then, Craig Burge (Missing Person Coordinator for the IL State Police) joins the show to talk about “Silver Search” which helps elderly and those with Alzheimer’s when missing or in time of need.  WGN Radio’s Kathryn Lake calls in to share her inspiring story about having a love one afflicted by the disease.

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